Other articles and useful resources

- Movement manifesto
- Twelve principles of bodyweight training
- Embodied knowledge and bodyweight training 
- Weights vs bodyweight exercises

- Flexibility for deep squats and one-legged squats

- Dip bar alternatives
- Pull up bar alternatives

Weight loss:
- Get lean with bodyweight exercises  

Useful Resources:
Ido Portal's facebook page - I am a great fan of Ido's material. His facebook page is a constant source of information and reference for me, and he is an extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful movement coach.

r/bodyweightfitness - This subreddit is probably the most active bodyweight training community on the web.

GMB Fitness - Ryan, Andy, Jarlo & Co's material is stellar, and the site is packed full of great tutorials and podcasts. Their programs are somewhat gymnastics-based, and they make a great source of information.

Strength Unbound - I am often taken aback by Jay Waldron's depth of knowledge. His site is a fantastic resource for those interested in bodyweight hypertrophy programs, and he is the guy to go to if you want to develop powerful legs with bodyweight exercises.

Antranik.org - Antranik blogs on a variety of topics, but the quality of his bodyweight material shines through. He offers a particularly good intermediate split routine.

Beastskills - Jim Bathurst's site is a great reference I keep coming back to. He offers some very in-depth progressions, and he is a very accomplished athlete in his own right!

Leangains - I am a big fan of Martin Berkhan's intermittent fasting protocol. It has worked wonders for me.

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  1. Hey man,
    how frequent during the workout are supposed to drink water? Also, do you eat before your workout or after your workout?