Thursday, 10 April 2014

The outdoor gym project

 Ever wondered where you can find a free outdoor gym near you? Now you can with this outdoor gym/jungle gym locator.

The Outdoor Gym Project is a collaborative, global list of outdoor gyms and public spaces where you can exercise.

For the purpose of this list, will be considered as an outdoor gym:
- any free public space that can be used by adults to exercise, and designed for that purpose.
- that space should include exercise stations such as outdoor pull up bars, dip bars, etc.
- that space should be currently in use by a small community of adults interested in calisthenics.

View The outdoor gym project in a larger map

To add your local gym to the map:

- you will need to be logged in to google or google+ to edit the map.
- click on 'view The outdoor gym project in a larger map' link above.
- click on 'edit' to add your own landmark to the map.
- click on the blue placemark in the top left corner, and drag it to the location of your local outdoor gym.
- Under the heading 'title', write the location, city, and country of your gym.
- Write a short description, and when finished, click save.

If you do not have a google+ account and would like to add your local outdoor gym to the map, email me at with a postcode and  the city and country of your gym, and I will add it to the map for you.

* Please note that I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information on this map. This outdoor gym locator is the result of a collaborative effort, and some landmarks may not have been placed correctly.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Weights vs bodyweight exercises

Here are a few questions I see cropping up time and time again, and I hope this article will help settle them once and for all:
  • - How does weight training compare to bodyweight exercises? 
  • - Is bodyweight training effective for muscle building?
  • - Can you get stronger without lifting? 
  • - Which is better for getting into shape?

Photo credits: Flavio Simonetti, German natual bodybuilder , and Yuri van Gelder, gymnast (source: Raymond Nieuwenburg; transferred from nl.wikipedia)