Sunday, 24 December 2017

Help keep StartBodyweight online

It has now been 4 years since I launched as a free online resource for the bodyweight strength training community.
Thank you to those of you who have helped shaping the programme into what it is today with their comments and support.

You will probably have noticed that the site has not been updated  in a while...
I am now at a stage where I have to decide whether to keep refining and developing the programme, keeping it as it is online without further updates, or simply taking it offline and selling the domain to save on registration costs.

If you have benefitted from the programmes and avice on this site, and if you would like to see it remain online or further developped with new progressions and articles, I would ask that you consider making a small donation to keep it running.

You can donate bitcoins anonymously through our static wallet:


or we also accept Paypal donations:


  1. Is your email address still the same ? I’m very interested in mastering this and I have a few questions

  2. The information on this website is brilliant for anyone interested in bodyweight exercises, whether beginner or more advanced. Please keep it going! Even if it isn't updated, it would be really sad to lose such a valuable resource.

  3. I would be really sad to see your website to! I really love it and the app. Are you the creator of the Start Bodyweight app? If you're not then somebody is using your stuff, but if you are, perhaps you could create some more revenue from the app by adding ads or charging a fee. It could also be improved with the ability to personalize it and add your own exercises to it (for example I like to work on bridge progressions too)

  4. So I was just trying to donate, but there was a $3 few for PayPal and I don't have any bitcoins... Maybe you could set up a GoFundMe page or something so that people can donate more easily

  5. This page extremely valuable. How much do you need total? And I have neither bitcion nor paypal. I certainly want to help though.